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  • Mon-Sat: 6.45am to 8pm

28 Day Kick Start Fitness + Nutritional Guildelines

28 Day Kick Start Fitness + Nutritional Support

Start Date: Beginning of Each Month

This plan is designed to give you the kick start that you need to get you on the  road to a healthier you.

There are 20 workouts and meal planning ideas included within this. We can tailor your meals to best suit you.  You pick from our breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas within the calorie amount suitable for your body depending on what your goal is. All meals are quick and easy to prepare. And more importantly the entire family can enjoy them.

Each persons nutritional needs are different and are all dependent on your gender, weight, age and physical activity levels. You need to find out what your daily intake needs are, click in the BMR calculator and find out how many calories you need each day.  Whether you want to lose body fat, lose body weight (calorie deficit),  gain weight or maintain you body weight.  All aspects are covered in this plan.

On finishing this monthly plan you can then move on to the monthly PB Fit & Fierce Plan where we focus on getting you stronger and fitter than you have ever been before.

The day of a super low calorie diets are gone, they are unsustainable. You need to fuel your body, be strong and equipped to do your everyday tasks.

Program Highlights

  • Classes are between 30/40 minutes in duration.
  • We cater for all fitness levels
  • Every exercise can be tailored to your ability.
  • Nutritional plan Ideas & recipes
  • Calorie & Macro Counted Meal Ideas

What's included

  • Live classes
  • Pre-recorded workouts on demand
  • Support & Advice
  • Private Facebook group access
  • 28 Day nutritional plan ideas
  • Weekly emails
  • Check-in call to track your progress / Voice Note
  • Weekly challenges to keep you motivated

Live Zoom Classes are Run 5 days a week.

We rest on Tuesday and Sunday!

Lower body & core workout

Lower body exercises work the muscles that are below the waist primarily the Legs, Glutes and Thighs.

We also offer Core Workouts which focus on your abs, ensuring you have a strong core that will benefit you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Upperbody & cardio

Upper body workouts target the chest, middle and upper back, shoulders, biceps and triceps

Cardio is defined as any type of exercise that makes you breathe faster and more deeply.


Step A step aerobics is a form of exercise that involves stepping open office small platform, classes are 30 minutes in length we work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 and try to do 7 rounds per session.

Back exercise and body pump

Body pump is where we use moderately light weights and lots of repetitions to music. A great cardio and resistance-based class for all fitness levels.

Sweat cardio session

Body weight exercise, 7 rounds of 4 minute workouts. We are on for 20 second and rest for 10 seconds, there are 8 sets in each round. A great start to the weekend.