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7 Outdated myths on fat loss and exercise

One of the top reasons people start an exercise routine is for weight loss, weight loss strategies seem to be the most confusing in the health and wellness industry.  This is not surprising given the amount of misinformation out there. Always check where you are getting your information from and make sure that person is qualified to give you advice, we all have opinions but science based facts are not opinions.

  1. I need to cut out Carbohydrates to lose weight

You do not have to cut out any food groups to lose body fat, to lose weight and body fat you must be in a calorie deficit.  Carbohydrates are the bodies main source of energy. They help fuel your brain, kidneys, heart and central nervous system. So you most definitely need them in you daily food intake.

  1. The more you sweat in the gym or exercise class the more fat you burn.

This is not true, sweat is merely the body’s way of controlling your body temp, think about it,  if the air conditioning was on in your gym you may not sweat but you are still burning calories. Individual styles of training need different rest periods. Think about a powerlifter, they take up to 5 minutes rest between sets but they are still burning massive amounts of calories in a training session.

  1. Weight training will make women bulky

Lifting weights alone will not make you bulky.  Men can put on more muscle mass than woman as they have on average of 10 times more testosterone than woman.  Without high levels of testosterone and optimal conditions women will find it difficult to become bulky. So lift those weights ladies.

  1. If you want to use weight you need to workout 

This one is kind of true, but not completely, working out more will increase the amount of calories you burn/ make you a healthier person  but if fat loss is your goal then calories in and calories out are what you need to pay attention to, so focus on your nutrition and food choices.  People can make the mistake of having a nutritious daily diet but they are still consuming too many calories for their bodies.

  1. What you eat is as important as how much you eat when trying to lose weight.

You’re over all health has a lot to do with the foods that you eat, but your overall fat loss does not. As I’ve said above calories in and calories out for weight loss is what matters, this does not mean you should consume sweats and crisps as your daily intake, fill up on nutritionally dense food to see the best results. Increase your fruit, vegetables, high fibre foods, grains, pulses, fish and chicken for weight loss and optimal health/wellness

  1. You can get Abs by doing crunches

Have you ever heard the sentence that abs are made in the kitchen, well they are, to see your ab muscles our body fat needs to be very low, just the same as seeing any other muscle on the body

  1. Don’t Squat past your toes

Yes, when you squat you should trace the path of your toes but that does not mean your knees won’t go over your toes, we are all made differently and our bones are all different lengths, find the stance that works for you and focus on driving your hips back and pushing the knees out


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